Notable Links:
Comcast TV Blog: "Shopping For Fangs made a big impact when it came out in 1997, and its status as a trailblazing film has continued to grow over time."
Scope, University of Nottingham: "Shopping for Fangs successfully adds a new dimension to the theme of the quest for a hyphenated identity."
American Cinematographer : "The picture traffics in glib cultural references, mixes genres, sexualities, and nationalities with impunity, and deftly blends parody and pastiche."
Cineaction : "Identity, Mimicry and Transtextuality in Quentin Lee and Justin Lin's Shopping for Fangs. Asian American Filmakers: The Next Generation?"
YOMYOMF: Class of 1997
Authorship and Film: “Making Films Asian American: Shopping for Fangs and the Discursive Auteur”
AAWW: "It was a banner year for Asian American narrative films."